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Monday, September 6, 2010

Magnetizing Runtherdz

And now, the second update of the day...


Now, these little oddboyz are a bit of a sleeper. When used properly, they can tie up a dreadnought for an entire game, or bring down anything from a Carnifex to a Wraith Lord to a Greater Daemon. The hard part is deciding whether to use the Grabba Stik or the Grot Prod.

I wanted both.

This is what initially lead me to purchase the 100 1/16" diameter disc magnets that I used for the 'Ard Boyz (I made 'Ard Boyz because I only needed 6 of the 100 magnets for the Runtherdz and had no idea what to do with the rest for the time being.)

So, I filed down the end of the Runtherd's staff, so the weapon of choice will fit loosely on top of it. I then took my pinvice drill and drilled a shallow hole into the end of the staff and the bottom of the weapon topper. I then took a 1/16" dremmel bit and widened the hole out so the tiny magnet would fit into it.

WARNING: This is a very precise procedure. The margin of error is about 1/36". At one point, I could see light shining through the plastic because I had gone so close to the outside of the bit. The rod and top are almost the perfect size so please, please, PLEASE don't get carried away in widening the hole.

Just place in a drop of glue and set the magnet like I did when placing them in the shoulders and arms of the boyz.

Now, do the same process with the toppers. I found that the hardest part was getting the magnet to sit flush in the hole, so I used a safety pin or a push pin to hold the magnet down until the glue dried. Just be careful to not pull away to soon, as the magnet will stick to the pin if it's made of steel.

Now I can have Grabba stiks...

OR Grot Prodz

(You'll also notice that I've started basing the models that I have. There are many tutorials on how to do that, so I won't go into that here.)


  1. Dude thats sick! very creative and very well done!

  2. good stuff you have there. And take a look at my blog if you will