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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lootaz and Burnaz and Mekz, OH MY!

Alright, gitz, here's the latest update on BLAAAGH!!! Gobbstompa!


This one had me sitting in my finkin' box for a while and I came to the conclusion that some sacrifices were going to have to be made. To be able to switch out between lootaz and burnaz, your boyz would not be able to have horned helmets. Also, the mek torso would have to have the shoulder spike trimmed off.

The process is similar to the regular boyz. Start by gluing together the deffgun to its harness and the tanks of the burna to the burna itself. This should leave you with a really big bit for the right arm, and then a much smaller stabilizing bit for the left arm.

Next, go ahead and drill your guide holes into the parts of the arms that connect to the shoulders and in the shoulders themselves. So far, this is pretty familiar.

Now, use the larger dremmel bit that we used on the Boyz to make the holes the size of the larger magnets.

Now go ahead and glue in those magnets. It helps if you make certain that the magnets are oriented the same way as your Boyz. This will allow you to run regular boyz as Lootaz/Burnaz so you can run all of them in larger games or Armageddon/Planetstrike games

Now, with the deffgun harness on the loota boy, glue the left hand's handle and the ammo magazine/power source behind the shoulder to the harness. While it is still setting, take the deffgun off of the loota. This is the trickiest part. The ork torsos are tapered a bit, so once the harness is on, it won't want to come off. I discovered that shaving the top of the torso's shoulders a bit, and a wee bit of the bottom part of the arm's shoulders helps the gun harness slide off easier. Don't be afraid to make the left arm a bit loose-fitting.

You now have a Loota Boy...

and a Burna Boy!

Now, for those rare occasions when you want to take a mek or two or three with your boyz, here's what you do.

Drill out the holes in the shoulders of the mek and his Kustom Mega-Blasta, the Big Shoota, and a Rokkit Launcha if you want one as an option.

Then glue in the magnets, you should be getting good at this part.

Now your mek can carry a Deffgun as a regular Loota Boy

Or a burna as a regular Burna Boy

Or a Big Shoota as a Mek (I gave him a Choppa from one of the boyz because GW doesn't give you left arms for the Big Shoota OR the Rokkit Launcha, in a move that makes me want to slap someone at GW)

or a mek with a Kustom Mega-Blasta

Now, for the mek tools...
Cut off the little attachy-nub on the Mek Tools backpack. Then drill a small hole for one of the smaller magnets used in giving regular boyz they're 'Eavy Armor. Drill out the hole in the mek's back big enough for one of the larger magnets. Then, you guessed it, glue them in.

This will allow you to put mek tools on his back for when he's a mek without interfering with the deffgun or burna tanks when he's not a mek.

You can also use this same technique on your Big Shoota Boyz and Rokkit Launcha Boyz, but I didn't simply because they came with all the stuff I needed to make them into individual orks except legs which I can get at anyway.

Speaking of, Lootaz/Burnaz only come with four deffgunz and four burnaz. Go to and you can purchase individual bitz for that 5th deffgun and 5th burna.

Good luck, mag-freakz


  1. Kewl story, bro!

    happy 9/11!

  2. you broke them little figurines D:

  3. you make this? SUPER!!!

    Keep going!!!

  4. Good job man!:)
    I followed you and will check daily.Please come visit my blog :)
    I always return my comments :)

  5. are you going to colour them? cool figures tho bro.

  6. holy shit dude, that's nuts
    you must have good hand-eye

  7. So small and so much details.. impressive !

  8. Does it get any more nerdy? Thanks for sharing though, I had some fun reading that.

  9. Sweet, looks fast takes a while though, well mine do.

  10. Those look really cool :O
    Will you paint them?

  11. You're so crazy dude ;) keep up the good work ;)

  12. followin 'n' supportin bro :)

    check also this to find new interesting blogs to luv daily

  13. wow... thats... i don't know what that is... wow...

  14. Hey no updates ?? come on i cant wait :p

  15. Dude I wish I had gotten some figurines to paint... I was going to get into that shit but then just didn't have the money or time to do it sadly...Cool shit, would love to see some painted!

  16. Cool. I think painting it would be awesome!

  17. This reminds me of putting together little snap-together models as a boy with my dad. Oh childhood....

  18. Holy fuck im goin to try this now