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Monday, September 6, 2010

Magnetized 'Ard Boyz

Ok, I'm back with another Magnetizing tutorial;

'Ard Boyz.

Now, if you're like me, you've played with several beakie and Chaos beakie armies in the past, and if not, then you probably know someone who has. If you live under a rock and/or have no friends who play beakies or Chaos beakies that have spare shoulder pads, Battlewagon Bitz is a great source for these things.

The first thing to do is scrounge up 2 shoulder padz/ork 'eavy armor bitz for each boy. You'll notice mine are mostly beakie/Chaos beakie with one fish'ead pad in there (been wanting to get that bit out of my box for years) Some Fantasy Marauder shoulder pads are also nice.

Then you take a 1/16" disc magnet from Amazing Magnets (It's the first on the page). The 1/8" is circled in green (used on the arms and shoulders) and the 1/16" is circled in bloo.

You'll notice that it is quite a bit smaller and fiddly than the ones we used for the arms and shoulders. Be VERY careful with these. Matching polarities will make it shoot across your desk and onto the floor, best of luck to you once that happens.

Stick one of these to the outside of the shoulder of an arm. I found using a shoota arm works best, as it gives you the most material to hold on to when working with the fiddly bitz.

Then put a drop of super glue on the magnet itself. Be careful that you don't get any glue on the arm, or the magnet may get stuck to the arm permanently. (Sorry about the flash being so bright)

Once you have the glue droplet on the magnet, gently place a shoulder pad onto the arm. You do not need to press down or shift it around. Doing this will cause the magnet to shift and your head to begin aching.

After a little bit of time has gone by, the glue will set enough that it's hold on the magnet is stronger than the magnet in the arm, and you can take it off and let it dry.

When using ork 'eavy armor pads and plates, I find that some of them look and work better on top of the shoulders (clavicle area) rather than on the shoulders and arms. If you are going to do this, place the magnet on the top of the body.

WARNING: The magnet will sit at a polarity that is reversed from ones on the shoulders. If you have the south pole of the magnet facing out of the body, then the north pole of the shoulder magnet will face in, while the the north pole of the clavicle magnet will face up.

Then simply repeat the gluing steps with an ork 'eavy armor plate instead of the shoulder pad and you're golden.

Now you can turn your mob of boyz into Shoota Boyz, Slugga Boyz, Shoota 'Ard Boyz or Slugga 'Ard Boyz, 4 options for the price of 1, with the added bonus of having your mob look a little different every time.

The 1/16" magnets will hold the shoulder pads to the arms. However being smaller magnets and having the plastic of the arm between them and the magnets connecting the arm to the shoulder, the magnetic hold of the shoulder pads will be weaker than that of the arms to the shoulder. You can pick the model up by the shoulders still, but don't squeeze too hard or it will shoot out like a wet bar of soap.

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